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Quotes I used a coupon to have my new apartment cleaned. SO HAPPY I DID! The moving process is hard enough without having to clean first! Even though it did not look like it needed much cleaning, it sparkled after they were done! They also pointed out some issues that I could make my landlord aware of before moving in! I will call them again....and again... Quotes
Marylee Renner

Quotes Mary is the BEST in cleaning i have every come across. She came in and cleaned my apartment and did more than expected as far as I'm concerned. She did as she sez as well, all the floors were done on her hands and knees, she washed my walls down as well cause my husband and I are heavy smokers. She done a FANTASTIC job and I would reccomend her to anyone who wants a job well done. She's extremly couteous and if you want a job done just ask and you'll see. I would reccomend her for anyone who likes a clean house . Quotes
Rebecca McDonald